Monday, January 3, 2011

I am Too Shy To Talk to Him

14-year-old CassySwaggaGirl from Canada writes:

Hi! Ok so there's this guy that likes me. I know it because one of his friends told me and he always seemed nervous around me and he always tried to get my attention and it was obvious. All of his friends knew that i liked him back. The problem is that its been 2 years since we liked eachother but we don't wanna talk to eachother. My friends think that i scare guys away since im pretty bitchy with them. Thats why he didn't wanted to talk to me. Because he is scared of me. I'm to shy too talk to him and he's shy too talk to me. And I made him suffer so its even harder. What should I do? ps. if i was a bitch with him, its because i wanted to hide my feelings. (I know smart) thank you!!! :)

Hola CassySwaggaGirl!

He just needs to get to know you again. Maybe you should try being a little nicer this time. If he is worth it he'll give you another shot. If not then just learn from this so that you don't make the same mistake again. Don't beat yourself up about this. We all have these experiences.

As far as you being shy, you won't find it so hard to talk to him once you become friends with him. It just takes time to build up that relationship.

Also, this video should help:

I Hope This Helps!


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