Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does He Still Like Me?

17-year-old Brianna from Florida writes:

Dear Chauntel,

Hi my name is Brianna Alleyne and i'm 17 years old and I live in Florida. I have a question about this guy that i really like. I think he likes me but I don't know i tend to get mixed vibes from him at times. He told me 3 months ago that he liked me but i don't know if that changed. He is one of those guys that have a hard time showing emotion sometimes. He still gives me attention when he wants. Also a couple of days ago I asked him a very serious question Do you ever see yourself with me maybe in the future or am i just a girl? and all he said was humm good question but didn't answer. Was that a mistake? Or is he playing games with me and i just don't know it? Please help me!

Dear Brianna,

If he said he likes you 3 months ago he still likes you. You probably scared him with that question. He doesn't really know what to do right now. He isn't mature enough for the type of relationship that you want right now. Your best bet is to stay friends with him, and see what happens in the future.

I Hope This Helps!


He Only Claims Me on Facebook

18-year-old Shanay writes:

Hey Chauntel,

Long story short me and this guy was getting to know each other and its been about 6months.. we put relationship on Facebook but we never called the shots we were just still getting to know each other but we both were very passionate about each other.. and acting as if we were already dating... well we got into a fight 2weeks ago about his high school home coming he didn't wanna take me and said he was going by his self. i was mad so i wasn't returning his phone calls so then this girl tags a pic of them from home coming he was kissing her on the cheek so thats when i knew he lied to me and the reason why he didn't wanna take me is because of her. and im confused because i treated him sweet and kind my heart was all in it his heart was not.. he started not texting me back and returning my phone calls till after a whole day went by when we were getting to know each other ..,,, now hes talking to this new girl that he took to his home coming while me and him was getting to know each other... and i just don't under why he lied to me and played those games if he didn't want me why would he let it go so far?

Hey Shanay,

A lot of guys do this. They have a desire to date multiple girls. He basically put you on the shelf for safe keeping and will only use you when he wants you. In other words he was playing you the whole time. The best thing that you can do is learn from this and try your best not to allow it to affect your future relationships.

Not all guys are like this, but you must be aware that men will get away with as much as women allow them to. So don't be fooled always ask questions and always guard your heart until you know that you have met the man whose heart you have. Then you all can trust and love each other. Just let him go he is playing games!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Should I Ask Him to the Dance?

by Adrian Chen
Megan writes:

Hi Chauntel,

My crush knows I already know I like him and we used to talk a lot in class but now we don't and I have a feeling that since he found out I like him. My friend and I are dying to know when he is going to tell me if he likes me or not. I try to take advice from my friends but I am too shy. And there is a dance coming up and he is not going and what should I do to convince him to go without making it seem like I am desperate, I want him to go but I don't wanna make it seem like I want him to go. What should I do?

Hi Megan,
If he knows that you like him, but he hasn't made a move that means that he is not interested. Guys should ask girls out unless the dance is saddies. I recommend that you try to become friends with him. If he is interested he will make that evident.

I Hope This Helps!