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10 Most Common Reasons Couples Breakup

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10 Most Common Reasons Couples Breakup

Relationships can be very complex so it can be tough to know when to call it quits. Every relationship and every person is different so each relationship is unique. But many relationships have some major problems and it can be a sign that either the relationship needs to end or some serious changes need to be made. But for most relationships there usually isn’t a quick fix and these end up being the top 10 reasons couples breakup.

1. Balance of Power
The balance of power is critical in a relationship. If each person in the relationship doesn’t have an equal amount of power then the relationship will most likely fail because by the time they notice the imbalance it’s too late to fix.

2. Cheating
One way to sabotage or end a relationship is by cheating, so just save the heartache and betrayal and end the relationship if it’s comes down to that.

3. Abusive or Controlling
If a partner is abusive or controlling that is a hard habit to break, and it’s going to take a lot of guts in order to leave the situation, so decide if trying to fix the relationship is worth it, because there are no guarantees it will get better.

4. Moved On
Sometimes a relationship can be good but it’s just not worth the effort anymore because either one or both parties have moved onto the next chapter in their life. This isn’t always a bad thing; occasionally it’s good for everyone involved.

5. Change
One of the most annoying things that someone can do is start a relationship based on the expectation that the other person is going to change. The relationship should be based on who the two people are at that time and not some unrealistic expectation on person has for the other.

6. Rude to Family and Friends
If a partner insults the other person’s friends or family then they probably aren’t the right person to be in a relationship with. Most people’s family and friends are a part of them so when a partner treats relatives and friends poorly it hurts their significant other, and this could be the cause of a breakup.

7. Clingy and Emotional
Nothing can drive away a partner like being clingy and emotional. Each partner needs to have time apart because if they spend all their time together they will quickly tire of each other and that will be the end of that couple.

8. Lying
Lying can be extremely hurtful and can ruin a good thing. If a person can’t trust their partner then they don’t have anything except a dysfunctional relationship that will most likely end. However, the question is when will it end?

9. Money
If a couple is stressed about money it can quickly become a major hurdle to overcome in a relationship. If one person isn’t contributing to the household and their life together, or the couple is in a lot of debt it can lead to resentment and ultimately a dead end relationship.

10. Fear of Commitment
If one partner is afraid of commitment and the other is not then a lot of patience is going to be required. Sometimes waiting works and sometimes it doesn’t so the partner that wants marriage or a commitment may have to end the relationship and look for someone else that is ready for a commitment.
Relationships are tricky and they require a lot of work and effort. Every relationship has its bumps and some can be overcome but others cannot. The majority of relationships that have ended are a result of the preceding 10 problems. So if your relationship doesn’t have any of these problems then it’s probably worth holding onto, but if it does then carefully consider whether to stay in the relationship or end it.

Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing, particularly about travel and online classes.

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