Friday, October 29, 2010

Dating in High School

14-year-old Lela writes:

Im in 8th grade now and i have dated guy in the past and got hurt and i wonder how feshman year will be in dating wise.

Hi Lela,

Take your time. Don't rush into anything, and guard you heart. But have fun all at the same time!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Don't Want to Loose Her, But I am Tempted

20-year-old Chiko from London writes:
Tsup Chauntel,

If you in a long distance relation right,how would you make it work coz m in love with girl so much bt their times i knda feel tempted to out wif some other girl but i dnt wana let her down...we are far apart and the time i will see her islike in a year..

Hi Chiko,

It's refreshing to have a man who cares enough about his girl that he would even ask this question. Good for you. Now here is the answer: You must let her go, if you are not going to be able to control your urges. She will be more hurt if you stay with her and cheat on her, than if you are just honest with her now. But do realize that if you break up with her that you may loose her. On the flip side if you stay with her and cheat on her she will probably be gone forever.

LD's are hard. It just depends on how much you want to be with her. If you know she is the one, then stop looking at these hoochies and be faithful. That way you keep you girl.

If you can't, let her go. She is worth more than that. She will respect you for it in the future.

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I Want a Kiss on Halloween

14-Year-old Andrew writes:

Dear Chauntel,

I'm going to see my girlfriend on Halloween. We've been going out for a while, and we really both like each other. I was thinking of having our first kiss on Halloween, somewhere private. But I kinda need help. So if you have a moment, please help.

Hello Andrew,

If you care about your girlfriend that is all that matters. It should be natural, so don't force it. You should not have to hide. That will put you into a bad position anyway and neither of you will be comfortable. You will know when the time is right. Wait until you are ready, and when you feel that it is time, give her a loving hug and then a kiss!

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I Fell In Love on Facebook

14-year-old Peter from Ghana writes:

Hello Chauntel,

I have seen a gal in facebook and i think i have fallen in love with this gal buh ever since we started talking abt love she said she doest loves me that am 14yrs and she 12yrs and also lives in the state am in ghana so she dont loves so wat sholud i do now since am in love wiv this gal. hope to hear from u soon!!!!!!

Hello Peter,

You are too far apart. You have never met her. You are too young to be in this situation. I don't want to see you get hurt. I suggest that you stay friends with her, and find someone closer to you.

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He is Taking Me Out. Does He Like Me?

18-year-old Roxi from Montana writes


Hey Roxi,

Guys don't waste time on girls that they are not intereted in. If he is spending quality time with you, and intiating times to hang out, then I got a hunch he likes you. It's too early to tell for sure. Give it time. If he continues you will know.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Can't Get Him Out of My Head

13-year-old Lily from Montana writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I need help in a guy!..probly heared this a million times. So there is this guy named kooper who i realy like i have for 2 years now. he was dateing a friend of mine and i was sad but then another freind of mine let it slip to him that i liked him. he started to text me and we talked more. wehn he was dateing his gf he would always tell me that he like me and his gf the amount and would always tell me we would date eventouly but then one day he asked me if he should dump his gf..i told him yes and he dumped her! i felt bad but still i got the guy. but then he said we should wait a couple days and see if we should date. then he tells some of the guys at our school that we wont be dateing for a year!...when i finaly ask him straight on realy wanting a answer on weather or not we will date he says idk!...i feel like i am getting played like a piano. please tell me what to do. this has been going on to long and im sick of it!

Hello Lily,

Leave this guy alone. He is bad news. He isn't going to do anything but continue to cause you heartbreak. Put your energy into something else. He isn't worth it. You may have liked him for a long time, but he is giving you the run around!

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He Declined Me on Facebook

9th Grade Katie from Canda writes:

Dear Chauntel,
My name is katie an i'm in the 9th grade an I live in B.C Canada.I really like this boy thats in a few of my classes but i'm not sure if he likes me back,i'm getting the feeling he likes me because he I catch him looking at me a lot but we never talk.I am getting a little confused cause I tried adding him on Facebook but he declined my request.

Hi Katie,
If he declined your request that means he doesn't want to be friends with you. If he doesn't want to be friends with you then he definetly does not want a realtionship with you. It is best that you just focus your time on school. When the right guy comes you will know!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Distance Relationships

18-year-old Joyce writes:

Hey Chauntel,

So I have a question for you! My boyfriend is in the army and he has to go back to Iraq for the second time for 8 months. I am really sad! We want to stay together. What is your opinions of long distance relationships and do you have any advice for my situation

We have been together for almost two months, but we have known each other longer. We have the same morals and goals and I feel like we were meant to be together like God put us together for a reason.

Hello Joyce,

If you feel that you are meant to be, I believe your long distance relationship can work! However, you have to trust him fully. Either way you are very young so keep your eyes open.

If it doesn't work out for some reason when he gets back you don't want to be left without any options. If you decide to stay with him you must stay faithful to each other otherwise you will have trust issues, and your relationship will not have much to stand on.

If you know he is the one then I can understand you waiting. However, if you are unsure I think you are too young to wait around. It just depends on how serious you are!

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Interracial Relationships and Dating

15 year old Chante writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I just had a question on interracial relationships and dating. I'm interested in different race of guys, preferably white over black. I was talking to my friend about this guy and she said "He doesn't like black girls" *pause* ... I was shocked and I was thinking, it doesn't matter what race I am, I can wheel him in. Now, I am hesitant because I don't think I can because of my race. Advice please? (:

Hello Chante,

It is true that some people do not like to mix between races. Conversely, some people do not date their own race.

In your cause I would not assume that he wouldn't be interested in you because of your race. You should try to get to know him first before you do anything. So become his friend first, and take if from there. Your friend may be right, but you have no way of knowing that. Just be cautious, and do not limit yourself to one race. Be open minded.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ask Chauntel Diary Entry

So, I see that more of you are actually coming on here to read my blog. That really inspires me.

To choose a question and highlight it, it takes some time. So if I cannot get those up we will do a few of these from time to time.

I actually email more people back then I post because sometimes their questions are too complex or long, or private.

So anyway today I had a Comm Law test. It was difficult. I am looking forward to this week. Maybe I will get a chance to do a video. Anywaz, I enjoyed Blog TV last week.

If I have one thing to say about love today its, it does not fear.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How do I get out of this Long Distance Relationship?

13-year-old Daisy writes:

Hey Chauntel,

Okay, well there is this guy that i rly like, and he asked me out, so of course I said yes! But, the problem is he goes 2 a diffrent skool than me and i never get to see him... wat should i do?

The only thing is i still want 2 b with a guy that i can see sometimes, and it's like hardly ever with him.

Hello Daisy,

You should be honest with him, and tell him that. It may be hard, but it will be worse being in a relationship that you do not want to be in. It isn't fair to either of you for you to do that.Just let him know that right now you think it would be best for you all to be friends.

I Hope This Helps!

I Have Built a Friendship With Him Now What?

Love writes:

Hi Chauntel,
Uhmm... My friend said I should like build a friendship with my crush..and I have..idk what to do next though...can you help me?.. D:

Hello Lovely,

This video should help:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Does He like Me?- Dating Advice- Ask Chauntel

13-year-old Jewel from toronto writes:

Hi Chauntel,

How do i know if he likes me i liked dis boy since grade 6 we use to tlk but i started likin him so i stopin grade 7 some of my frends knew so one day they asked him out i dont know why but they did he sed maybe but it was like the last day of school by the way he wasnt in my class grade 7 also we always looked at each other and somtimes my frends booked himso now he is in my class grade 8 and in class we always look into each others eyes and smile or if someone makes a jk we look and each other and smile also like in every class we sit near each othermy frends thinks he like my cuz he always looks at me and it's for long sometimes i dont even look at him cuz at the side of my eye i see him lookin at me and its awkward cuz my frends asked him out for me and i didnt tell them too so its awkward wen we tlkso my question is does he like me and do u think he is gonna ask me out and. wat are signs he does thank you.

Hi Jewel,

This video should help:

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