Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Ways To Avoid Online Dating CatFish

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The world of Online Dating is growing and growing with over 40 million men and women looking for love. It provides an opportunity for many individuals to meet who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to interact with one another.
Catfish are individuals who create a false identity by pretending to be someone that they are not online, many times they do this to pursue online romances.
Here are 3 ways to Avoid a Catfish
1. Find Their Facebook: If they do not have any social media or if their social media does not have photos of them you should be sceptical. Take a look at their photos and their friends. If they have photos with other individuals who are not tagged in the photos that should raise a red flag. Also, if the individual has fewer than 100 friends you should also be cautious.
2. Use the Phone: Have a voice conversation on the phone with the individual that you met online. Communicating through email and text messages alone is not enough.
3. Use the Webcam: The best way avoid dating a catfish is get them to show their face. With new FREE technologies like Skype and Google Hangouts there is no reason why your online lover wouldn't be able to show their face. If they don't have a webcam they can buy one for less than $40.
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