Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hairy Arms- What to do?

12-years-old Allen Girl from Georgia writes:

Hey, Chauntel.

I Have very hairy arms, and it affects a lot of what I wear and do. My brothers make fun of me all the time, and some of my friends do, too. What should I do? I just want to get rid of it. I feel totally different from everybody else, cause everyone I know doesn't have to deal with this. Please Help!

Hello Allen Girl,

You are not alone! There is this thing called puberty. During puberty these things in your body called hormones change. This happens as a result of a change in your pituitary gland.
Boys and girls both get hairy arms when this happens. It is natural.

As you will observe, there are other things that change in your body during puberty as well besides the hairy armpits in both girls and boys.

The only way that you would not have hairy arms is if there was something significantly wrong with your body. In some countries hairy arms on women is attractive.

In America, women are usually teased for hairy arms.

So what do we do? We usually use hair removal cremes, and or a razor and shaving creme. Veet is a great hair removal creme, but for your under arms I recommend shaving. Talk to your mom about this she can help you buy what you need!

I Hope This Helps!



  1. Used to have the same problem, my bro tease me a lot so I shave it. end of story. - i shave it like once a week or every other week and soon it became a habit.

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  3. I have hairy arms, and I hate it, so I came up with a cheap, easy solution that doesn't require waxing/shaving/creams, etc.

    If you're interested, I have a How-To on my blog: