Sunday, January 2, 2011

He Won't Kiss Me!

13-year-old Haley from Nebraska writes:
Dear Chauntel,

I'm 13 and I'm dating this boy. we have been dating for 3 months :) and I really want to kiss him. I have had my first kiss last year :) but Now when i have asked to kiss him and when he thinks we should he said he doesn't know. he said we weren't ready. :( I am his first GF so maybe he's just super nervous but pls give me advice on how to get him to kiss me :) I have been ready for the last 3 months :) thanks

Hi Haley,

It sounds like you have a nice guy here. Don't rush him. You are so young. There is plenty of time. Appreciate him, and when it is time it will happen on its own. Trust.
You get the exercise patience picture.

I Hope This Helps!
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