Sunday, January 2, 2011

Go to a Black Church?

Michael T. BIGGEST FAN writes:

Hi Chauntel,

BIG FAN! Anyways, I got a problem. I like to visit many places and countries and churches. And I have been practically to more than 15 countries; since I'm in the Air force, but never got to visit a black church. I really like how they praise God and Sing...Do you know if I will be welcomed to the church? How would people view me in there? For example if you were in church and saw a white guy what would you think?...I really love this church and want to go to it, but I'm no sure how to proceed with it.I know your advice is always the right one.Thanks for any advice!

Hi Michael,

God is for everyone in every church no matter what. Although you may get a second look or smile when you first come into a black church they will accept you with open arms! I say go for it! If you are feeling uncomfortable then there is something wrong with that church and you should try another. I know because I go to one (:

All The Best!


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