Saturday, May 7, 2011

5 Steps to How to Approach a Girl - For Shy/Quiet Guys

26-year-old Jay from France writes:

Hello C.

The problem with me is that I'm a very, veryyy shy guy. when i say shy i mean it very shy. I'm afraid to talk to a woman and be reject. This is my problem. Girls approaches me and thats how I end up dating them. But deep down inside my heart I want to marry a woman that I will approach first. I see beautiful woman on the street. few looks and give me that smile but i just dont have the courage to go approach them. Right now I'm dating this girl, she's very nice, but she have attitude problem i'm trying to work that out but I feel like i need to get out there and approach someone who will catch my attention. that will be in public. and in public thats like mission impossible.
in two words. I'm a shy person and I found it very difficult to approach a woman in public. I just dont have that courage.

Hey Jay,

Ok so my advice to you is, you have to begin familiarizing yourself with women. These women should be women that you are not intimidated by.

The first step here is building up your confidence so that you will feel comfortable enough to approach a woman that you are really into.

Everyone, is always looking for a secret recipe, so let me give you one:

1. Be Confident
2. Do not hesitate to make her aware that you are interested (give her a compliment)
3. Be a gentlemen, but don't be so nice that she ignores you
4. Hold a conversation with her that she becomes interested in
5. Create a sense of urgency so as to follow up with the conversation later (this is how you get the number)

I Hope This Helps!