Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Mom Won't Let Me Date

13-year-old LadyLove from London writes:

I'm not sure if I should ask this guy out anyway but I quite want too just to sort out my feelings, But my mom is always insisting that I can't have one till I'm 16/17 and I want to be able to have a romantic relationship with someone, I mean I'm a straight A student and my room is pin neat!

Hello LadyLove,

Your best bet here is to talk to your mother. You don't want to sneak behind her back. That creates trust issues, and that is not worth it. You have you whole life to talk to guys. Don't rush it enjoy these few years until then.

I suggest that you begin talking to guys on a dating level without actually dating. This will give you insight into how they think. Which will in turn give you an upper hand on girls who will be clueless as to how guys operate. Most of these girls will consequently get their heart broken at 16. IF your mom won't let you date, then don't date just "talk" to guys.

Trust this way you will be ahead of the game, and avoid a lot of unnecessary drama in couple of years.

Don't rush things, just relax and keep your mom on your good side (: She will come around.

I hope this helps,


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