Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Men Love Bigger Women!

Hello All of You Beautiful People!

Here is an article that was shared with me from www.topdatingsites.com by Donna Cullen:




Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interracial Dating Whites and Asians

Sally writes:

I like this Asian guy his name is l am and I actually think he likes me even though I'm white, anyways he's the shy guy as you say and I'm way to shy to talk to him how do we start a conversation?

Hello Sally,

Interracial dating can seem to be a little intimidating at first, but it is important for you to be confident in who you are. The most important point is to find a common interest between the two of you. You can talk about something that you have in common. For example, if you are in a class together, you might make a statement like "So what did you decide to do your paper on?" If you have on the same color you can make a comment about that, and ask an open ended question like, "What are your plans for today?" Hopefully, he is a good communicator and can help contribute to the conversation if he is interested in talking. This video should also help:



How to Approach A Woman With Headphones On

Charley writes:

Whats goin on witcha Chauntel?

I was watching your video on how to keep a conversation with women and you made some interesting points like the only problem I have is approaching women with headphones on, how wud I approach her?

Nothing Much Charlie:

Here is how you do it:

Make her laugh by pretending to bounce to the beat of the music that she is listening to. Eventually she should take them off if she is at all interested. This will be followed up by the points I gave in the video:

I hope this helps!