Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Do I Talk To Beautiful Women?

Kevin writes: 

Hi Chauntel,

I'm a very handsome Black guy I'm  a good guy but Im sometimes shy depending on my environment or how I feel. I have more friends that are guys more than females . I want to change that .

(My first question ) is how can surround myself with beautiful women . How can I bond or have a friendship with several of beautiful women . Who I want to be friends with or in a relationship with .

( Second question) how  can I get a women who I'm attracted to emotionally invest in me . Whether it may be through friendship or in a relationship.

I'm in college Ive approached a few women here and there . Got numbers . But there's really haven't been a meet up with women who I'm attracted to so yeah .
(Three question) How  can I bond with beautiful women I want to establish a friendship with or a relationship with ?

(Fourth question) How can I talk to beautiful women that I want to know and not run out of things to Say ?

I'm mean I very handsome guy and I dress like I'm a guy coming off a run way . I've been like the guy who relied to much on my looks and I've just been sort lazy at first . But I starting to realize that women don't really care to much about a good men have good looks but more about personality . Which is different for the majority of men . We tend to focus on how beautiful a women outer appearance is first rather than her personality .
It's really bugged me because this questions been on my mind lately and know one really seem to have the answers . Haha hopefully you know .

And yeah it been bugging me because lately when I go out I I read your profile info and you seem really chill . I would like to know you . I. noticed  that most beautiful women today in society are going out  hideous/ ugly guys . Or should i say take by most of them . Who look nothing as good  close to how I look . Whim its ludicrous I don't understand . I don't know if you noticed this as well. but it really been driving me over the edge . But yeah . It is handsome guys that are suppose to lead not the ugly ones . At least that how I perceive it to be . But yeah .

Hi Kevin,

Girls are not attracted to men solely on either their looks or their personality. Usually, it's a little of both, If a women is not attracted to you physically she will not be able to pursue a romantic relationship with you. 

However, having looks alone does not suffice. Who you are plays an inaugural  part in if she will be interested in continuing a relationship with you after an initial physical attraction. You have to be able to keep her attention. You have to find a way to relate and conversation with her. 

 Give yourself an opportunity to simply have a pleasant conversation with women around you. 

It doesn't take much to get a woman to talk, but you have to make her feel comfortable doing so. She needs to feel like there is a reason to do so as well. Which means you should entertain her. Make her laugh, compliment her, small gestures like these will encourage her to continue talking to you in the future.

If you make her feel uncomfortable or awkward she will just ignore your phone call after you have secured her number. You are already amidst beautiful women everyday at school, and another way to find women is simply go out and do things. Involve yourself in activities.  You avoid running out of things to say by asking open ended questions. You establish a friendship by conversing, and finding a common interest. It takes time and a little effort. It doesn't happen instanteously, but if you continue cultivating the relationship it will blossom. 

Bottom line.....change your attitude and your approach to women. You make her interested by the way you approach her and how you present yourself. If she sees you as a waste of time, she won't give you the time of day.

You dig?

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