Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Bestfriend's Boyfriend Likes Me!

12-year-old Danelle Spencerage (codename) from Baltimore, Maryland writes:

Dear Chauntel,

I am in the 7th and like 2 boys at once. One tends to flirt with me a lot and he has a girlfriend who is also my best friend. One is a boy that I have like for years now and he does know. My "best friend" likes him to and stuff tissues in her bra, wears extra small pants, texts him everyday, and unbuttons her shirt two buttons and then hangs over him. he doesn't pay her any attention, but seems to pay me a lot. I try my best to stay away from him because I know that my "best friend" will get jealous. Then she started sending me threatening emails telling me to stay away from him! OHHHH!! Now we are cool and she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend got held back a grade so he isn't in any of her classes. She then flirts with the boy we both like again! I really like him and he gave me an obvious hint of who he likes so I know it me! I"M GOING NUTS! What should I do.

Hello Danelle!

LEAVE YOUR BESTFRIEND'S BOYFRIEND ALONE! Ignore his flirting. If he continues, tell your bestfriend about it, because if you don't he may lie on you! Be careful how you tell her because she may be defensive about her man and not want to believe you!

It seems to me that your "best friend" isn't being much of a friend to you. Friends don't threaten one another. I suggest that you re-evaluate your friendship to see if your "best friend" is truly being a friend to you. I don't know her, but I believe you deserve a "better best friend," someone who is there for you and is concerned with your feelings and well-being.

As for the guy, he probably really does like you. In fact, most of time guys really like the girls who are modest. They mess around with the hoochies, but those are not the ones they keep close to them.

This is the thing. If you talk to the guy, you will most likely lose your best friend. You have to choose which relationship is more important to you. I say leave it be. MEANING LEAVE HIM ALONE TOO, if you feel that this girl is really your friend. The reason is because if you do end up being with the guy and it doesn't work out you loose your best friend. That wouldn't be worth it! There's plenty of guys find a better one! (:

I hope this helps!

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