Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Love

by Ask Chauntel
Summertime is approaching, and we all know what that means! Summer Love!

What is it about the summer time that gets people going? Is it the calming summer breeze after a hot day that blows your hair back around your neck? Is it the inspiration all of the pretty spring flowers that have just bloomed that makes you want to hold onto something beautiful and new. Maybe it’s simply the ever longing for someone to spend your newfound free time with.

During the springtime the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the world’s beauty is at it’s finest. The spring season captures a quick preview of what the summer has to offer, and the emotion of love is explored.

Young Love happens at a rapid pace in the summer. New and innocent relationships have time to develop as a result of more available time and new surroundings.

The nature of summer love breeds the phenomenon of the Summer Fling. The Summer Fling is initiated with school ending, vacation beginning, an exciting new summer job, exploring new hobbies, and even the sweet taste of fresh fruit on your tongue. The Summer Fling subsides when reality sets in, people leave for college, school is back in session, the work season is vibrant, vacation ends, and its time to go back home. Summer Flings end when reality sets in, the head begins to lead the heart instead of the heart leading the head.

Relationships begin with attraction, but attraction alone cannot sustain the relationship. From attraction, we feel butterflies, which are little balls of emotion that gather in our belly and make us smile. This smile is maintained through building a relationship. Although, summer love may aid to the onset of these positive emotions, the summer fling may end as a result of reality setting in.

Summer Romance movies, full of romantic comedies are on their way! I am such a sap, and love the summer chick flicks! It’s time to get my cute little summer dresses out!

So what can you do to capture some summer lovin’? You have to look the part, and you must give yourself an opportunity to meet and greet. The summer wardrobe initiates attraction. Confidence is key!

For you fellas’ here is a tip, girls like a men who can dress well, and ladies, men like women in high heels with a soft fragrant smell.

This is the time where body image is of utmost importance. You have to get your body “beach-ready.” Summer time means heat, and that means people are going to be exploring new ways to wear less clothes. We are folding up our pants and long sleeve shirts and pulling out our flirty summer dresses and cute shorts.

However, be careful with how much skin you show! You only want to show enough skin to make a statement, but you don’t want too much of the “goods” showing and make the wrong impression.

Summer weddings are on their way! We usually associate the sun with happiness, and a dark gloomy day with sadness. Many wait for the summer to have their weddings to avoid the rain, and a gloomy day. Many chose to celebrate their summer love with the power of a beautiful blue sky and precious white clouds overhead.

Summer barbeques, hobbies, weddings, and jobs are all new opportunities to meet new and exciting people.

I encourages you to: Be Classy Sassy and Chic this summer! Her are some tips:

Women’s Summer 2012 fashion trends:
  • Head-to-Toe Prints-
  • Chunky Bangles-
  • Cropped tops- “make sure your tummy looks perfect”
  • Hot Pants- high or low waisted
  • Boat Neck- “show off your shoulders”
  • Lace Dresses- be careful not to look grandma-ish thou, keep it vintage and cute
  • Cheerful Color Blocking-
  • Super Bold
  • Color Guide: Oranges and Tangerines, Pink Short Suits, Pastel Shades, Colorful
Men’s Summer 2012 fashion trends (
  • Printed accessories
  • Short suites
  • Pastel colors
  • Colored shoes
  • Tassel loafers
  • Safari jackets
  • Camouflage
  • Neck ties
  • Color Guide: prints, blues, greys

Be Blessed!


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