Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Let Go and Move On

23-year-old Zayed from London writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I had a relationship with one Lithuanian girl she is 34 years old and am 23 . Well recently she left me just because am too caring about her saying she would like to have her own space for some time and later on i came to know that she is having affair with one arab guy and i saw her when they were moving arround in the park , but she thinks that i dont know about it.I felt very bad for myself and i was in depression for about an year as a matter of fact am still in depression , i coudnt come out of it , and certainly i feel have loss the confidence which i use to have before , self esteem about my over all looks coz i have dramatic changes in my personality which is making me feel am good for nothing, everytime i see her with him i really feel bad and depressed. I will be very greatfull to you, if you can advice me on this please. Thank You.

Hello Zayed,

It is in your best interest to take this time to focus on who you are and where you want to go with your life. It is not healthy for you to continue to focus on her and her relationship. I know that you really care about her, but you deserve to be happy.

To mend your broken heart you have to begin to do the things that you love again. Find a hobby or interest that will take your time and attention from focusing on her and her new relationship.

It is unfortunate that it ended this way for you, but it is better that she was honest with you than for her to cheat on you. I know that is it easier said than done, but it is time for you to pick yourself up and continue living life. Life is too short to worry and stress you must begin enjoying this gift of life that God has given you.

Get people around you that care about you and get involved in what makes you happy. You will soon find yourself revitalized and out of your depression. It is a mental choice that you make.

Choose happiness. Seek a therapist if your depression persist. You can even find therapy through talking to the people around you who care about you. I do.

I hope this helps!

Here is a video that is similar to your situation that may help:

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My Friend Likes My Boo What Should I Do?

13-year-old SnuggleBerry writes:

Dear Askchauntel,

I've been talking to this guy for a few now and i've been likeing him and talking to him through the internet and stuff. The wheels were in Motion. but then all the sudden my best friend started likeing him and she knows that i've liked him for a while.She started flirting w/ him and stuff Now it seems like he's forgotton about me =[ what should i do? So far , i've been letting my friend pretty much have him , but i REALLY like this guy... am i being a little too nice?

Hi SnuggleBerry,

This actually happened to me once. It is not worth your friendship. You should talk to your bestfriend and let her know how you feel.

If you both value your friendship you should leave the guy alone, both of you. There will be many guys, but friends are not easy to come by. Let her know how you feel and you both should leave this guy alone. If he is smart he won't get between you.

Also, he is a guy on the internet so be very cautious about this. You're only 13 you shouldn't be trying to meet up with guys that you meet on the internet. Try finding a nice lad at school that your bestfriend doesn't like.

I have a video that deals with something similar. Check it out:

I Hope This Helps: