Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Ask Him Out

13-year-old Harriet writes:

Hey Chauntel !

first you are amazing but I have a question. i have a HUGE crush on a guy that is in the same class as I am , I would like to ask him idk how you say it in English but i mean ask him do yu want to be in a realationship with me ? in Dutch we say : aanvragen

so yeah how where and when do I ask him ?
You need to know that I only see him in school he likes me and almost everywhere there are pp in my school the only thing I could do is ask him to stay on the 2nd floor and when everybody is gone i'll ask him ?
please help me out! thx xoxo

Hello Harriet,

It is best that you let him ask you to be in a relationtionship. Let him be the man. Just get to know him and flirt a bit to let him know that you are interested. He will do the rest!

I Hope This Helps!


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