Monday, September 20, 2010

Is She a Gold Digger?

33-year-old Mbezzy from Maryland writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I recently went through a breakup with a girl and it ended pretty rough. We met under not the best circumstances..I met her through a homeboy who already had sex with her. We both actually had sex with her during the same weekend we met. I really thought her and I had a connection, so I tried to overlook what had took place and build a relationship. Her and I are both 33. She has two kids and I have none. Another thing I tried to overlook was that fact that she had one of her baby's fathers living at home. She told me about this the first night we met too. She stated it was for financial reasons and he was moving out soon. I looked at it as her being upfront. Anyway we dated for about 5 months and things were pretty rocky. I never could trust her due to the fact she lived about a hour and half away & I could never actually see what was going on. I gave a lot of money too her during that time for rent, gas, clothes, shoes, trip to florida etc. I never thought something like this could happen to me but it did. So after about 3 attempts of breaking up we're finally done. She told me all this stuff was all in my head etc. My question to you is..does this seem like I was being played by her?


Hello Mbezzy!

Yes. You were being played by her. Infact you were her Suga Daddy! She used you. I am sorry to say, but hey we all learn from our mistakes.

When your in a relationship there has to be give and take. What you have here is all take.

I Hope This Helps!



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