Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She Feels Invisible

16-year-old Invisible Girl from Montreal writes:

Dear Chauntel,

Hi. I'm going to my last year of high school. What i want to know is how do i get boys at school to notice me? Like, a lot of my friends seen to have guys have guys goin gaga over them... but for me they just pass me by... and i try talking to them they will look at im weird.... So im asking if there is anything i can do to change this?

Hello Invisible Girl,

It is all about how you feel about yourself. If you feel beautiful on the inside that will show on the outside. If you begin believing that you are beautiful guys will begin to see that as well.
Don't compare yourself to others. There is a guy out there for you, but you may not find him right away. So then what should you do?

FOCUS ON YOU! Try changing up your style up a bit. Wear clothing that compliments you. Wear your hair down. Smile a little more. Spray perfume before you go out the door. That will make you feel better about yourself and may catch his attention!

When you least expect it he will turn up! Don't worry about it, just focus on school and make sure to participate in social events. That will give you an opportunity to meet new guys (:

I Hope This Helps!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She Says I am Her Bestfriend

Da Fox from California writes:

Hey Chauntel,

So i have a dilemma. Ive known this girl for since my Junior year in high school and i had feelings for her. as time went on I never told her. She got with some guy they broke up and throughout this time i still liked her. Now i do not when this happened but as i finally came to my senses and told her how i felt she told me that she saw me as her best guy friend and that she didn't want to ruin that. Now i don't know what that means because as we conversed she said that maybe in the future something might happened? I became totally clueless. Well now we are both freshmen in college. We still talk now everyday, and i still have feelings for her and she still knows it...i think. But lately she has been telling me things like, she is afraid to get with other guys because of what happened to her junior year. So my question is....What should I do? Should I still try to pursue trying to get a relationship with her please explain this too me the best way you can.

Hey Da Fox!

You should give her heart time to heal. It seems like that relationship that she was in is still taking a toll on her heart and you don't want to be a rebound.

After some time has passed you should take her out somewhere for a nice dinner. Then take her to get some ice cream or something. During the ice cream session you should let her know how you feel, and tell her that you are willing to take the risk to of graduating your relationship from friendship to dating.

Tell her that you all can try it, and if it doesn't work out you will just go back to being friends. Tell her that the feelings that you have for her will not allow you to give up just yet. Tell her that you would like to give it a try. If it doesn't work out then that's fine, but that you at least want to give it a shot.

The truth is if you are friends first you can be friends after the relationship, but if you are lovers first you can't expect to be friends later. The good thing is that you all are friends first.

IF at that point she still doesn't want to pursue a relationship continue being friends with her. Time will tell the fate of your relationship. If she is not interested there is nothing that you can do about that, and in that cause you will have no choice, but to seek out other options.

I Hope That Helps!


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How to Get My Dad To Be Cool about Dating at 16

16-year-old Jess from Canada writes:

Hello Chauntel,

I got a big problem and I'm looking for advice. My dad is over protective of me just like almost every dad, I'm daddy's little girl and at most times I hate it. This all started back when my brother who is 18 become friends with Gary. Gary was then 18 and now 19. He used to come over all the time and hang out with my brother but then I always ended up hanging out with them too. I started to really like him and he started to really like me. So he started coming over more to hang out with me. My dad was starting to get unconfortable with this because he would say hes over to hang out with my brother which sometime he did. This started in September and then my dad put a stop to it on New years Eve. He said I wasn't aloud to see him again because he was sneaky because he would always come over and say hes there for my brother also I kinda sneaked him around which was a very bad idea, I tried to talk him out of it but nothing worked. My mom still let me see him sometimes though but then that got turned around acouple of weeks ago when his mom told my mom things that had happen with me and Gary so my mom made a complete stop to it. I'm not aloud to see him or talk to him even though I still do talk to him and she knows that and I also saw him acouple of times. I plan to tell my dad that I want to be able to see him and be friends with him when I'm 16 but I dont know if this will work or how I'm going to cause I'm scared. My mom also tells me to move on and that she is always right but I know she is still mad about the information she found out by his mom. But I'm pretty sure that if I get my dad to meet him and actually get things straightened out that things could get better, i really like this guy and i know for sure he does too, he would do anything for me including waiting for me if he had to.
Please get back to me and and let me know your advice
Thank you so much(:

Hello Jess,

Your best bet is to continue being friends with Gary. It doesn't sound like your dad is going to be up for you dating right now. I would give it time. In the meantime I would do things to make him proud and realize that you are maturing into a wise young lady.

I would try to get him to agree to let me date when I am 16. If he disapproves continue being sweet to him. Your time will come, and if Gary really likes and you really like him you will end up together at some point!

I Hope this helps (:

I Hope That Helps!

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