Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Do I Get Her Back?

Black Guy writes:

I am an undergraduate student and i met a working class girl online, we talked for a while and we exchanged number. we both fixed a date for coffee which was established. we talked really fine and she dropped me off my residence because she drives, i am 2 years older than her and i am a black guy while she is white girl. after the date i began to call and text her more than usual and that became to make her annoyed because she didnt like it. I told her that i liked her she replied i didnt know her, so how can i like her just like that. i tried explaining to her that i really liked her and i even called her 45 times in 2 hours and that got her to say that she doesnt want someone like that. after few days i asked her for another date but she turned me down and said she is not interested. I continue to try make her know that i like her but she gets more angry. i then told her that i would leave her alone. so later i text her again and told her that i am sorry and i didnt mean to, that i still like her. i text her again the following asking how is work and how is she doing too. then she replied thanks. Now i am beging to be confused because if she sound like she is tired of me but yet she try to reply my text sometimes but not all the time. What can i do and how can i make her like me and give me the chance because i really like her and wants her to be my girl.

Hello Black Guy,

This is the thing: YOU SCARED HER AWAY. There is no return.

She replies to your texts sometimes because she is VERY NICE. However, she is not going to give you the time of day. You have lost your mystery. She is not interested in getting to know you any longer.

My advice is leave this girl alone. She is creeped out by you. You never call a girl that many times in an hour. You will surely scare her away. In fact you should never call her that much even in 2 weeks.

What you can now do is learn from this experience.

If you have a date one night. You can follow up the next night. If she doesn't answer let her call you back, or call her back a couple of days later. You made yourself out to be desperate. That is unattractive to women.

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I Hope This Helps!

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