Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stop Making Excuses for Him!

22-year-Old Flowers writes:

Hey Chauntel

So i have watching almost all of your videos and you have some great advice!
so here we go:

I knew this guy since last year. We were in the exploration classes together year round. i hadnt liked him at the time but i have noticed i do like him..
Last year we would joke, make fun of each other and he would tell these random stories of me getting killed and stuff.

This year he came to our wood work class and was helping as a teacher assistant. He said hi to me and asked me if i remembered the sotried and said yes. Sometimes in the class he wouldnt say hi to me, and just ignore me some days. It made me go crazy! But some days he would help me with my prodject and one time i asked if he was busy and he said yes but helped me anyways.

After he helped me he asked if i needed anymore help and i said no, but when he watched me afterwards, he came back and helped me anyways. he helped me for the entire class too. Sometimes our hands would touch but he wouldnt move his hands. My friends say that he likes me just the way he looked at me and how he didnt help someone that long!

When we clean up in the wood shop he would come up to me and ask random questioons like whats for lunch and the teacher had just said what was for lunch...

I really like him and talk to him on faceook but he only replys a couple times. h does have an ipod touch so he doesnt alwasy see my message...
Anways does he like me?

Hi Flowers,

He just sounds like a nice guy. He doesn't sound like he is interested. If he was interested he would have showed more interest by now.

Lay off and focus your energy on continuing the search for the right guy. The bottom line is if a guy likes you he will take time for you. Stop making excuses for him!

If he isn't showing interest he isn't feelin it!

I Hope That Helps!


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