Saturday, June 26, 2010

He Thinks I'm A Big Flirt

Angel writes:

iv benn having probems with a guy...iv like him for a long time and he knows i do..nd he says he likes me too.i can c that he does nd i feel it bt he jus doesnt want to be my bf..he says he doesnt want a gf bt last time he told me that he gt with this other girl wich he never hold or scared of him cus hes the closest iv gotten to love.(i havent been in love)i dnt want to tho cuz im scared hes jus gunna hurt me friends all say that they cn tell he likes me bt then hes also a big time hes kind to me idk!!!!help

Hello Angel,

It is best that he is honest with you. You don't want to force a relationship with him. If he wants to be with you then great. If not don't try to make it happen because you will just be hurt in the long run.

I Hope This Helps!


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