Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guys Aren't Attracted to Me

14-Year-Old Katie from England writes:
I don't attract guys.its probably because i have really low self esteem and i struggle to talk to the ones i like.i've never had a boyfriend, occasionaly lads flirt with me a little but they tend to ignore me.i'm not the most popular in school but seriously, i'm not unpopular or anything.i do have really low self esteem which i think has escalated from they way people treat me and to be honest i've had enough, theres nothing wrong with me, i've just been through a stage where i thought i was the ugliest fattest bitch around, and the other day i just thoughtyou know what there is nothing wrong with me at all.i mean i'm no supermodel, but i ain't ugly.nor am i fat.i think its because i don't you know have a reputation for being easy en all. all the girls that the guys go for are in the 'crew' who lets just say get around. i'm not like that, i like to be mysterious en all, are lads just getting lazy and going for these sluts now?i don't think that even if lads in school liked me they wouldn't dare do anything about it at the risk of looking 'uncool' in front of all the rest of them because you know, it's not 'cool' to like me or something :S . outside of school lads look at me smile, wink whatever and things like that you know kind of got me thinking well maybe i'm not as ugly as i think i am.i'm a bit confused to be honest ^ can you not tell i don't think any of that made sense.but if it did, pleasee give me some advice on what you think i should do or what you thinks going on ectt..
Hi Katie,
Yes, I get the feeling that you are wise beyond your years. Honestly, you should not worry about attracting guys. I am sure you that you do attract guys; they just value your worth and have respect for you and are therefore not ready to approach you.
You are the kind of girl that guys don't just date, they marry. So take it as a compliment.
When the right guy comes along, you will know. In the meantime just focus on being the best you. There is plenty of time for dating.
I Hope This Helps!

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