Saturday, June 26, 2010

He Likes Me and My Friend Likes Him

Apple writes:

Hey Chauntel ,

I was wonderin if u could help me on a lil promblem i saw ur video on youtube. Ok well i have a bf and i didnt know my friend likes him and he really likes me but i dont want to hurt my friend cuz she liked he before me and now i feel bad cuz i feel like i am being a bad friend. i told him about it cuz it was bugging me. He doesnt want to lose me but i think that they would be alot better then me and him. And i really dont know what to do. It pains me to see her sad and it pains me to hear my bf to say im the best and he never wants to leave me. I feel torn into. Write back when you get a chance. thanks.

Hello Happy! You have to choose which is more important to you. The guy or the friendship? The relationship with him will probably only last a while, but your friendship could last a lifetime.
I Hope This Helps!



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