Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They Joke About My Bra Size

Tensi from the USA writes:

Dear Ask Chauntel,

My name is Tensi and I'm in the 10th grade.I've never had a boyfriend before or kissed a guy. I like this guy but there's a problem. He sits really close to me and i sometimes catch him staring at me. He has this friend and he's always saying how ugly i am and that im a nerd. The guy I like does not say anything back he just listens. One time i was helping this boy and he got all mad at the guy and was saying some crazy stuff. Not that long ago hes friend was telling him how he only likes white girls(I'm black) and he asked him if he did too. He said yea. His fruend why do you keep staring at her she ugly and if you want that I dont know what to tell you. Another time I had a tight shirt on and they was having a argument saying ohh shes a A cup and the guy I like was like no shes a B. Haha. When I see him in the hallway he always stops and seems like he asking people if they know me or something. One time he was walking down the hallway and i was eating lunch on a bench. He started staring at me and i started laughing he looked away and then he looked back again.I do not know what to do should I say something or should I wait on him. This has been going on for months. Do you think he likes me?

Hi Tensi,

No, I don't think he likes you. If a guy likes you he makes that apparent. Guys don't get hints so they don't give hints either. Regardless, this guy is SORRY with a capital S. If he had any wits about him he would have stood up for you. It is time for a new crush. Lets refocus our attention.

I Hope This Helps!


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