Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He Wants Me to Move in With Him

18-year-old Bally from the UK writes:


I need some advice its about guyswell im seeing somebody he says its serious tellin me to move in with himtells me he loves but when he sets a day 2 c me he cancels he done it many times considering he does work but he done it the other day but he never returned my calls or replyed 2 my texts its been a whole day i feel like i have to leave him but its so hard dont kno what 2 do with myself xxx :)He says he wants to be serious. been with him 6 months known 4 longer than that.

Hello Bally,

Relationships do not get easier, they get harder. If he is already pressuring you and it has only been a few months imagine how your life will be a few years from now. You are young, fresh, and vibrant! He is already showing signs of flakey, not good. Flakey behavior only gets worse. This is your time to explore and find out who you are and where you want to be in life.

I am all about finding love, but if he was in love he would have asked you to marry him, not to move in with him. Him saying he wants to be serious is just a cop-out. You being there all the time will just make it easier for him. He can have you take care of him, and get what he wants from you physically more often.

I am not buying it. Not yet, it is way too soon. No shacking up, meaning no moving in with a man until you are married. Tell him if he is this serious about you he will wait until he marries you to move in. If he cannot do that then he is just feeding you a line. Don't bite because it might get caught in your lip. Recipe for disaster.

Here is a video I made similar to your question. Watch:

I Hope This Helps!


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