Saturday, December 4, 2010

He Dumped Me for His X

18-year-old Cali Girl writes:

Hey Chauntel,

In my college class we watched a video of you based on picking a major. Well i like how u give out the advice on love fashion and many more. Well i wanted to ask u a question based on relationships, i am 17 and will be turning 18 n the 24th of this month. When i was a cheerleader in high school my senior yr. i would go often to trader joe's with my mom, i would notice a cashier there and he would notice me too, finally one day after a game my friend took me to see him at trader joe's, i gave him my number because i figured he couldn't say anything to me since he was always working. Well we started tlking he called me and stuff things we were going ok, for bout 3 months then his ex-gf came around and well she told him to stop talking to me. First i gave him a picture of me in my cheer uniform and he had it up on his wall in his room, and when his ex gf came into his house to pick up some stuff she had left around. She saw the picture and took it with her, recently about three weeks ago she called him and told him not to tlk to me, so he called me on the 4th of november and told me he couldn't tlk to me because he did not want to deal with the drama of having her yelling at him all the time. So basically becasue of her he stopped tlking to me. He said bye and ill see u around, since then ive been very confused and i have no idea what to do. I like him alot, we shared so many cool moments, we never dated but he did come to the point where he said i love you, so i guess i felt special then. idk what to do? what do u think?
he also happens to be 25 and his ex. gf is about 23 .
please help me, i get tempted to call him but idk what to do plz help.

Hey Cali Girl,

You never want to be second best. In this case to him you are. Don't allow him to make you his rebound. I figure him and her might end up together again. It is better that he was honest with you now. I know you like him, but its in your best interest to let him deal with her. There is a another guy who will make you his number 1!

I Hope This Helps!


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