Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Distance Relationships

18-year-old Joyce writes:

Hey Chauntel,

So I have a question for you! My boyfriend is in the army and he has to go back to Iraq for the second time for 8 months. I am really sad! We want to stay together. What is your opinions of long distance relationships and do you have any advice for my situation

We have been together for almost two months, but we have known each other longer. We have the same morals and goals and I feel like we were meant to be together like God put us together for a reason.

Hello Joyce,

If you feel that you are meant to be, I believe your long distance relationship can work! However, you have to trust him fully. Either way you are very young so keep your eyes open.

If it doesn't work out for some reason when he gets back you don't want to be left without any options. If you decide to stay with him you must stay faithful to each other otherwise you will have trust issues, and your relationship will not have much to stand on.

If you know he is the one then I can understand you waiting. However, if you are unsure I think you are too young to wait around. It just depends on how serious you are!

I HOPE this Helps!



  1. thanks Chauntel :)
    I appreciate your great words!

    We are doing great. Coming up on our
    3 month anniversary and we can skype
    everyday, talk on the phone and online,
    and send letters and packages!


  2. you are so welcome Joyce! I am glad to see that its working out!