Saturday, December 8, 2012

Did I Ask Her Out Too Early? - Ask Chauntel

Brandon writes:

Hey Chauntel,
So there is this girl I know that I love so very much. She is everything I want in a girl, good personality, humor, good looks, and im not sure if she likes me or not. So she dumped her boyfriend in September and I was like "Yes, heres my chance" So here is what she did after she dumped her bf. She would fix my coat and hit me on the shoulder when I would say a mean joke, she would laugh at all of my jokes, and she even wrestled me once for a book we both when after, and she would try and get me to play xbox with her. I was certain she liked me. But When I asked her out a month after her and her bf broke up, she rejected me. I was so confused. Does she like me? Did i ask her out to early? PS: her and I have been friends for a few years now.

Hey Brandon,

Well I think it's important for you to know that she might have rejected you because she is not ready to make a comittment yet. She just got out of a relationship. Which means that she may be going through a lot emotionally right now that does not encourage her to go right into another relationship.

Therefore, you must be patient with her. She must care about you if she did not use you as a rebound. As far as her having feelings for you, it is too early to tell. You will have to give it some time. However, don't give up on her. Stick in there, and be a friend. She needs that right now. Since she knows how you feel, you have to give her time to figure out how she feels. When she does she will let you know, and in a few months if this is still going on you can tell her how you feel. 

But right now, she needs a good friend.

Also, watch this video it should help you get out of the friend zone :)



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