Sunday, August 14, 2011

She Doesn't Feel Appreciated

Lisa writes:

Well Chauntel, I face a really hard issue Me and my boyfriend are going on 2 years. He is 18 and I'm going on 16. We don't see each other alot mostly b/c when i'm 16 is when i'll get the freedom to see him. I really Love him with all my heart. But recently i sent him an email about how i've been feeling. Basically saying I have alot of doubt about our realtionship and don't know if we should be together. I also told him i don't feel appreciated and he doesn't do sweet things for me. He just acts like I'l be here forever. And i won't I love him Chauntel like wholeheartedly but if he's not willing to work things out i'm going to have to leave him. He will always be my 1st love and my friend BUtI just really don't know if our relationship will last. SHould i try to work things out and stick it out, B/c I don't wanna loose a good thing. Ya know? but i also don't wanna waste time and regret my decision later on down the road. What should I do? And Is he the One for me like i feel he is?

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your story. If you don't feel appreciated you deserve better. However, you will have to make the final decision.

All The Best,


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