Saturday, August 27, 2011

He Asked For Sex and I said No

Jasmine writes:

Chauntel, we met a week ago and had the first date. The date went awesome! We clicked and had a lot in common. He texted me the first 3 days. I never texted him at all. Then on tuesday this week, I texted him and just said hey. He texted me a few hours later back ( because he was busy working ) and said can I see you again. So when it was time, he came over and at that time I was cooking lunch. And I fed him. LOL. He loved it. ( I hope. ) Then a few moments later, we talked and all and we started tickeling each other. Then he started to kiss me and we made out. He asked if I wanted sex and I said no. Not today. ( Because I made a promise to my self no more sex till marriage, or until it's a really long relationship or if the guy is really serious. ) And two days later, there is no text from him. So, do you think I should text him? Or wait another day then text him?

Hi Jasmine,

First of all good for you for standing for your morals and rights as a woman. Don't text him he is only looking to get into your pants. If he is interested he will text you. In the meantime look for a guy who is worth feeding...there are plenty of guys who would jump at the opportunity.

All The Best,


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