Saturday, August 27, 2011

He Deleted Me Off of Facebook

15-year-old Katie from Canada writes:

Hey Chauntel!

I really need your help!

I met this guy in my summer school class and I thoughjt he was cute so I started texting him, we started talking and getting along good, we have been talking for around 3 weeks now and we got along really well. Today I was talking to him and asked him if he wanned to hang out tommorl and he said yes, after we planed it all out he just stoped talking to me and I went on facebook a few hours later to see if he was online and he deleted me off of facebook. Please help me! I was starting to really like him and I really all most started to cry when I saw he deleted me!

Hi Katie,

He isn't interested. I am sorry he made you cry. Look at it this way atleast he let you know earlier on instead of getting more hurt later. There will be another guy, trust.

All The Best,


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