Friday, June 10, 2011

If He Doesn't Bite Let Him Find Something Else to Chew

NoCellphone writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I am a youtuber who has a question that is urgent!!!!!!:) Im a girl who has NO cellphone, or facebook. I like a guy that i became friends with at the beginning of this year. When we both realized we wanted the same car and loved to run, my friends thought we were a perfect couple. He would always say hi to me any chance he got with my name included. all the girls have a thing for him, and im the shy one who likes to get good grades. Im constantly complimented for my looks, and this guy actually likes my interests, such as art. we both play violin, but i take private lessons, anyways, when i first met him, he would cling to every word i said and listen intently. he would say hi whenever he could too. he always found something that was in relation to me, and was too kind. i like him now, but when one of my friends told his best friend that i liked him, i noticed that he didnt say hi anymore and in class i would catch him peeking at me. when we had to answer questions in front of the class, his friend saw that i was next and made everyone in the group gave me the easiest question. i looked over to see the guy i liked and he was staring at me with an unreadable expression. just BLANK, something he did a lot in class. he acts like he doesnt know that i like him, even though he isn't aware that i know that he knows i like him. its summerbreak now, but everyone knows i like him. I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you could tell me what you believe is going on. i dont want to ruin the friendship, but i really want to know, although i wont ask. Thank you for reading this obnoxiously long letter:)

Hello NoCellphone,
If the guy knows that you like him, and he isn't making a move, that means he isn't interested. Focus your attention in another area.

I Hope This Helps,


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