Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Pressure Him

21-Year-Old Kay from Alabama writes:

I watched your video on how to turn a best friend into a boyfriend.. I have a best friend we are so much alike, i have told him how i feel already.. i asked him if it freaked him out and he said no it was sweet.

We see each other every night, txt all day and go out to eat and to the movies sometimes and he pays, we have intimate conversations, we talk about marriage and kids, i know more about him than i do myself..lol friends at church talk about us getting married and things, but when i tell him how i feel he never really responds.. the first time i told him was not long after we first met, he had just broke up with someone but he just said he dont want to rush into things, he does like me but just wants to stay friends for now...so now its been like 5 months.. idk how to get a response from him. Its almost like if he is not the one for me, idk who in the heck is cause we fit perfectly together and my whole family loves him, and im the only girl his dad has ever likes.. so do you think you could help?

Hello Kay,

Guys don't like to feel pressured. I think he may like you, but more than anything he is getting pressured, from you, from people at church, and even from his family.

He may be interested in you, but he is letting you know that he is not ready for a relationship with you. He just isn't ready to settle down yet. I mean you all are still young adults. He is aware of how you feel, so continue being friends with him, and keep having fun.


Keep your options open. Date other guys.

Time will tell, but whatever you do don't pressure him. If you do you may push him away.

I Hope This Helps!


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