Friday, August 28, 2009

Is He Interested? or How Do I Let Him Go?

21-year-old Fabkitten from S. California writes:

Hi Chauntel!

I have a couple of questions and i really hope i can get some advice from you..

Question 1ok so the first situation is... ive been with this guy for 1 year and 7 months... well he broke up with me over a month ago and he still texts me "i love you... i miss you.. blah blah blah" wel l.. i don't want him back cuz our relationship was actually bad.. really bad.. he was a jerk and verbally abusive to me... he's the type who doesn't have respect for women... but i am vulnerable right now so his texts do get to me... tonight i told him not to text me anymore and he called me a fatass bitch :( i dunno why he does this to me! it's a pattern and i know he'll text me again saying all this nice stuff and he sleeps around with other girls.. i think im his booty call... i was cheated on by him so i cant trust him.. what can i do?? i don't want to give in.. i think he's tricking me... why do some exes do that??

Question 22nd situation... theres a guy whos interested me... he got my number from my friend and we've been texting for a month now... but only texting... he never calls me... and i do see him at the gym at times... but i always go up to him to say hi... he's only flirted with me thru drunk texting... :( i'm so confused about him.. these days, he'll text me but only for a lil bit and then he cuts it short by saying, "night". that's it! i want to talk to him more but i can't cuz he always cuts me short... what does this mean??? we've never hung out... he said he wants to but after this week cuz it's finals.. i respect that.. but i don't understand how he hangs with his friends every weekend but doesn't wanna spend an hour to have coffee with me or anything... :( what should i do? is he even still interested??im sorry if this is vague and lame... i'm just confused.. :( please help!

Hello Fabkitten,

1st Answer

This guy is no good for you. He is not good for you mentally, spiritually, or physically. You need to find a way to remove him from your life. You can attempt to tell him to stop calling you, but he probably will reject that information, and continue calling you. So your best bet would be to either block his number or get a new phone number.
I know that there is probably still apart of you that misses him, but you must be strong. Every time you think about missing him remind yourself of all the reasons that you need to let him go. He may say that he is going to change, but don’t listen to his words. If you are aware that he is using you, then it would be wise for you to part from him mentally. This will be challenging at first, but everyday will get a little easier.

2nd Answer
Well as for this new guy, he doesn’t sound like he is looking for a commitment. If that is what you are looking for keep looking! He may be interested, but he may not be in the place to entertain a relationship with you. He doesn’t sound like the kind of guy you need in your life right now, especially since you have just got out of this mentally abusing relationship.
It is time for you to focus on you. A good guy will come along when you least expect it. Watch My video Me Time, the web address is

I Hope This Helps!


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