Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How Do I Get My Dad to Let Me Date?

13-year-old Victoria from California writes:

Hi Chauntel My dad is way over protective and this guy im dating his name is Shinee. and this Wednesday is the last day of school and im scared ill never see him again! because my dad wont let me go out on a date so if you can help. i would really appreciate it!

Hello Victoria,

So truly you really have to find a way to get to your dad. I'm sure your daddy's little girl so this should not be hard for you (:

Explain to your dad all the reasons why he should let you go out. Don't use the word DATE. That will only scare him away.

Let him know that you are a responsible young lady, and that you understand his rules and regulations. Let him know that you will not overstep your boundaries.

Let him know that you are not looking to have sex with this guy you just like each other. And don't lie to your dad be honest when you say these things. The last thing you want to do is loose your dad's trust.

Let him know how imperative it is for you to begin talking to guys. Let him know you are not looking to get married, but in order to get to know how guys think to keep yourself from getting hurt in the future you need to start learning how guys operate.

Make him feel guilty by saying things like, "But dad you don't trust me? I'm being upfront and honest with you. Please show me that you trust and care about me, I won't let you down."

Make the hang out places and times appropriate for your age, especially when you are talking to your dad about why he should let you go.

For your your age, appropriate places could be a park, coffee shop, ice cream shop, or the mall for instance.

So lay it all out to him as a responsible adult. If dad still doesn't let up, you will just have to wait until he is willing to let you date, and the guy has to understand. Don't give up though keep at it, and eventually good old dad will give you a chance.

I hope this helps,

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