Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How do I dress like a Rocker Chick and Still be a Trendsetter?

Maggs writes:

Heyyy Chauntel,

I saw your fashion video and I agree with a lot of the things but I am a "rocker chick". I dress in the emo/scene/punk/goth/rocker/sk8r/etc. style and I wear A LOT of mini skirts, colourful/bright/graphic tees and patterned tights. I love converse and sk8 shoes and combat boots but I still want to be some what fashionable. Can you gimme advice on this?

Hello Maggs,

It's all about the accessories you choose.

Add a trendy item to your style. For example although graphic tees are already "in" if you add a scarf with it that will make it trendy.

Mini skirts are in so you are good with that.

Since you like boots. Try more trendy types. For example fringes are in this season. So you could choose boots that have fringes.

Chunky jewelry is also in! If you grab some chunky jewelry and add it to your wardrobe for the summer season!

You don't have to change your style to be trendy. It's all about what accessories you choose to jazz up your wardrobe.
I hope this helps,


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