Friday, April 30, 2010

Is He Too Religious?

18-year-old Essie from England writes:

Hey, Chauntel!
I love your videos, they are awesome...I could watch them all day!
Well, I kinda need some advice here. I like this boy but the thing is, he is a born again christian and so am I. He believes that one shouldn't have to date or "court" with anyone unless they are like 23 and above. ODD MUCH? I believe that once you have feelings for someone, then you might as well go for it.
At the same time, I think he kinda likes me...but I'm not sure. I'm just using instinct and those little signs he's been putting across. do you think that I should ask him out or should I just leave him alone because I he seems to be really devoted to God I wouldn't want to mess things up for him.

Hey Essie!
Thanks so much for your kind words!

Let him know that you are interested, but then let him know that you respect his religious beliefs. Religion is very important. Therefore, I would not try to pressure him into anything.

If you respect him, you will build a better foundation for a relationship with him. Stay friends with him, and in time if you still feel from him go for it. In the meantime keep your options open!
I Hope This Helps!

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