Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He is Too Young and I Miss Him

15-year-old Ali from New Zealand writes:

Hi Chauntel,

There is this guy i like alot actually but he is 12, i know i shouldnt like guys that are that younger than me! i have tried to forget about him and move on, but he lives near me but he is moving away at the end of the month(im really going to miss him) we are good friends but we do always end up fighting and calling each other names...alot of the time... during the summer we were really close,we talked to each other all day,playing football..etc we would spend much of the night texting each other it was fun i liked it! but when summer ended it all stopped...and i miss it... we also go to the same school he never talks to me at school yet i always see him looking over at me at the lockers he is usually with really pretty girls laughing with them! also i try to forget about him and i keep saying to myself he is too young for me and to move on! i have liked other guys before and gotten over them but i just cant to forget him! its driving me it would be great if you could give some guide lines on what to do...thanks

Hello Ali!

Don't worry about the so called "pretty girls" because when a guy really cares about you it doesn't matter who else is around you when he sees you.

As far as your age goes, there are plenty of people together that are years apart so that is normal. However, realize girls mature faster than guys especially as teenagers. Keep in mind that once you turn 18, you don't want to get caught up in this until he is of age.

Ok so the next time he stares at you wave, and see how he reacts. If he waves back then go over to him and start up a conversation.

If you have been friends for so long he should understand that you miss him. Tell him how you feel, because he may be afraid to come forward. However, before you do this prepare yourself for rejection, because he may not feel the same way.

However, you never know unless you ask.

I hope this helps,


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