Friday, July 16, 2010

I Like This Girl In My Class What Should I do?

20-year-old Yue from California writes:

Hey Chauntel!

Basically, I would like to know what you make of this following scenario: I've been in class with this girl for five weeks now. OK, almost in every single class, she looks in my direction for at least 3-4 seconds then she looks away, but I pretend not to notice because I feel a bit awkward.

Most people would probably ask me, why haven't I asked her out yet:

She's always talking with another guy (maybe its just her friend, but the presence of that other guy makes it awkward for me and makes it feel like I'm butting in just to know her.) I dunno, maybe she's trying to stir jealousy in me, but seeing as how it's been five weeks maybe she doesn't get it?
I really don't know what to make of this.

She always leaves class pretty fast when its over, so I can't ever get a chance to talk with her.

So basically I want to know your opinion of what she's possibly thinking, and (how can see stare or look at me like that for 5 weeks, almost creepy, is that even normal for a girl? Or is there some psychological disease going on? But she's really really cute, and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.) Also it would be great if you could provide me with some tips on how to approach this girl. How come if she thinks her hints are that obvious, she doesn't seem to even give me time to talk to her. I really wish I knew what she thinks about me. Sometimes I wish I could really just think like a girl.

Thanks and I hope that you can get a response to me before the class ends, because maybe she's really someone that I want to be with and she might feel the same about me, but its just that I didn't take that one extra little step to break the ice.

Hello Yue,

She seems as though she is old fashion and is waiting on you to make the first move. So make it!

She hurries away because she doesn't want it to be awkward, and this other guy whoever he is, is probably giving her hints on how to attract you.

Do both of you a favor, and just approach her. Introduce yourself and see if you can "study" with her. That way you will have time to spend around her. Make the study date at a coffee place. By her coffee..

If it goes well at the end of the coffee date ask for her number and a follow up date.

If she isn't interested you will know because she won't accept!

I Hope This Helps!



  1. Good advice. I would say first try to be her friend and know about her feelings. Because if you directly approach her than there will be chances to loss her forever. It's better to be her friend and show your qualities and try to win her heart.
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